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Zero Waste Classroom Valentines

February 07, 2020

What does Valentine's Day look like when you try to lower waste, especially with school-age kids? Well, it is a dilemma, your kid wants candies, which means wrappers, which means trash...

Here are 7 alternatives to keep Valentine's Day lovely for your kids and for the Earth: 

1. Fruits: the ultimate healthy and zero waste Valentine's gift (especially if the scraps are composted).


2. You only have a few minutes, print these free Valentine Fortune tellers:


3. Give a new life to all of those old and broken crayons by melting them in heart shape:


4. Sugar free and useful gift: pencils with valentines' toppers or taped to a Valentine's word search


5. My favorite: a heart-shaped bird feeder 


6. Show love by growing food with printable seed envelopes or blooming seed hearts

7. Your child doesn't want to hear about any of these ideas and insists on candies? So be it! However prefer boxed candies such as Nerds, Dots, Milkduds, Junior Mints. You can even buy your candies in bulk and packaged them in decorated toilet tubes, or paper towel tubes.

Lastly, if you don't have time and want to keep it simple, check Etsy where nice people have already done the job for you!

Which one is your favorite?

Happy red-greenish Valentine's Day to all of you!

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