Your soap bottle is running low and you are about to throw it away?

STOP here!

Ekologicall has a solution for you!

We make refill easy and convenient for you.

How it works?

1. Select the product(s) you need here. 

2. Quantity: when placing your order, make sure to put the amount of product you need (1 oz per default).

If you are not sure about how many ounces you need, no worries, let us know at what product(s) you would like to fill up. We'll come fill up your containers and send you the invoice via email.

We tare your containers, which means that each container is pre-weighed and post-weighed so you pay only for the products you bought not the packaging.

3. Select your delivery method at checkout:

    • FREE Delivery for orders above $50.00 in Charlotte, NC
    • FREE Delivery for the Ballantyne and Marvin area with no minimum order
    • Any other Charlotte, NC deliveries are $5.00
Let us know where you want your products dropped off. Leave us a note when you place your order, especially if you live in an apartment or gated community.
    • If you live outside of the areas listed above, we will be happy to ship your products, except for glass containers. Your package might be heavy and expensive to ship so make sure to google Refill Stations / Zero Waste Shops in your area so you can support local businesses and reduce the carbon footprint of your products.

4. Prepare your container(s)

If you are using your own containers, place your empty and clean containers with lids on outside your front door and we will fill them up for you. 

We can also provide repurposed glass containers if needed. Add a note at checkout.

Your order will be placed on your doormat or any location indicated in the note.

5. Pick up options

Ekologicall is at the South End Market - 2000 South Boulevard, across from the Charlotte Rail Trail - every Saturday from 8:00am to 1:00pm. You can refill or pick your refills there. Make sure to send an email to by Friday night with your refill needs so the jugs are brought to the market.

What you pay for?

We use our scale to tare weight of your empty containers so you only pay for the amount of product that you need without the weight of the container.

Pat yourself on the back
By refilling a bottle, you just saved another container from reaching our landfills and oceans, from polluting our air and water stream. You are improving your health by avoiding toxic chemicals and using natural products. And last but not least, you are saving money. More than a pat on the back, you deserve a round of applause! 

You would like to see some other products available for refill, feel free to email us your request and we will try our best to get them.