Ekologicall's booth with its owner at a pop-up event
Ekologicall's booth with its owner at a pop-up event


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is to help you transition to a healthier, simpler and more sustainable lifestyle
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You would like to live a more sustainable lifestyle, reduce the amount of waste you produce, eliminate harmful chemicals and get rid of plastic but it's overwhelming and you don't know where and how to start. We can help!




We ordered and everything came quickly and is always the best quality to last a long time

This shop is amazing! Thank you for bringing zero waste solutions to Charlotte. Highly recommend!

This wonderful little company offers a unique range of environmentally sustainable products that have expanded my awareness and turned me into a devoted customer. In particular, using a bar of dish soap at my kitchen sink is a revelation. No more plastic bottles of liquid soap. And reusable cotton pads for cosmetic use! I could go on an on. I'm so happy I came upon Ekologicall. You will be too!

I have had 2 wonderful experiences with this small business provider of natural products. I tried their shampoo and beeswax covers this past summer at the Pineville farmers market and recently re-ordered some shampoo and other body products to try. The Oneka shampoos has been the best for my thick curly dark hair! I have a very sensitive scalp and most natural product contain too many coconut-derived items to work well for me (I am highly sensitive to coconut on my skin). This shampoo is amazing and my husband uses it too. The beeswax covers I bought have held up great through 6 months of use and are perfectly pliable and actually adhere to glass and. Era mix as a cover! Highly recommend this company.

Customer service is AWESOME. Package arrived, with a personal touch inside wrapped in paper with twine. Speedy responses to questions. Order from Ekologicall. Great small business and company.

Unique, value-add products combined with phenomenal service and shipping speeds. What else could you ask for?

Great products that have been tested and selected by the business owner Valerie. That means I have total confidence in what is being offered! during one of her pop up session, I got shower gel, beewax wrapper (cant say enough about those...Love those) and reusable makeup pads among others! The prices are quite competitive and I feel good focusing on the environment and doing my fair share of zero waste! I wish you the best and looking forward to all the new products you will be introducing on the few next weeks!

LOVE THIS SMALL BUSINESS! She has everything you need to make the right steps into your own eco friendly journey! From laundry soap to reusable paper towel to face cloths everything you could think of! Plus she can deliver to the CLT area! The owner has a sweet soul and love to support her!!! 11/10 recommend.

I first found Ekologicall at the South End Farmers Market. I then looked at their website and they have so many products available to ship or home deliveries in the Charlotte area. I have had two home deliveries and it was delivered the next day. So impressed with the variety of products, convenience and customer service.

I had such a great experience with this shop! The owner is so kind and communicative, the products came quickly and they are fantastic! I'm already plotting my next wishlist. Highly recommend!

I just LOVE the whole premise of Ekologicall! This company is ran by an amazing woman who truly cares about her customers and the environment. I also LOVE the products I have bought and am excited to see what this company has in store!

Ekological’s tips, encouragement and products have helped me rethink choices and reduced my family’s impact on the Earth in easy, convenient ways that anyone can do. I especially love the Oneka shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels healthy, and I know the ingredients are safe for my family and the Earth. Plus I can easily refill the bottles with Ekological, thus reducing waste. I also now keep a glass straw in my purse and feel good about not using plastic straws at restaurants. Looking forward to trying more products and learning more on the journey to zero waste.

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