Waste isn't waste until we waste it
September 22, 2021

Waste isn't waste until we waste it

At Ekologicall, minimizing waste is at the heart of our mission. We offer sustainable products that can be reused, refilled and/or composted at the end.

But there's a lot of behind the scenes happening too:

- We only work with companies who have the same ethics and vision for the environment as we do. For instance, the products are shipped plastic free.
- We reuse shipping material to ship our orders: cardboard boxes, paper, soluble corn starch peanuts, shredded paper... Our packages are probably not the prettiest ones but they have a lower impact on our environment and that's what matters to us.
- Our Refillery works in a closed loop. That means that our partners will take their containers back, wash them, sanitize them and use them again and again. For the ones who don't take their large containers back, they send us large pouches to refill those big jugs. We, then, rinse them and send them back to our partners who will wash them, sanitize them and reuse them for other clients.
- During home deliveries, we happily collect your #5 clean plastic so it can be repurposed @innovationbarnclt
- At the market, you probably have noticed our "fancy price tags", as I like to call them. That's another way to repurpose cardboard boxes.
- We love wrapping presents for your loved ones. Again, we use shipping material but I promise they look great!
- When buying in person, we will first ask you if you need a bag. If you do, we will offer you a paper bag made from post consumer recycled paper.
- If you want one of our business cards (you can always take a picture instead), our cards are printed with post-consumer recycled paper as well.
- We collect glass jars, remove the stickers and the glue, wash them thoroughly and use them for your refills when you don't bring your own jars.

We are not perfect but we try to do our best to keep this planet healthy and inhabitable.

Tell us in the comments if there's something else you would like to see us do or not do!