January 28, 2020

Tackle Waste on Super Bowl Sunday


The Super Bowl Game generates tons of waste.
Conscious of the problem, the NFL ramped up a zero-waste program that was able to recover 91% of game-day trash, 63 of the 69 tons produced in 2018. According to the league, 2/3 of the waste was recycled and the other 1/3 composted. This year, the NFL and its brand partners have decided to supply 50,000 recyclable aluminum cups at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium which should eliminate the need for as many as half a million plastic cups.

Here are easy zero waste tips to tackle waste at home too!

1. Pre-Game / Decorations: keep it simple and natural. Colors for this year are red and white, how convenient! Just between the Poinsettias from the holidays and the Valentine's roses. If you need to purchase decorations, think reusable. You might be able to find fabric at your local craft store in team colors or even with the logos to make table cloths, napkins and banners. When the game is over, you can repurpose them as cleaning cloths.

2. Defense: block single use items, use real utensils, glasses, cups, reusable straws and dishes instead of disposable. 

If you don't have enough, ask your guests to bring their own and run the dishwasher before everybody leaves.

3. Serve food in real platters and ask your guests to bring their potluck in reusable containers.

4. Clothesline, not the dirty tackle, the one you will need after using cloth napkins :) If you are using paper napkins or paper towels, these are compostable if not filled with grease or chemicals.

5. Wrap food with bee's wraps or reusable bowl covers and avoid plastic/saran film.

6. Tailgate / Hydration: Beer mini-kegs or kegs depending on the size of the party are a good alternative to individual cans or bottles. Support local business and check your local brewery. No need of plastic water bottles, tap water or filtered water are just fine. Use wax pencils to write down names on drinks.

7. Purchase food in bulk as much as possible and don't buy too much, with the fear of missing, we often end up with a lot of leftovers.

8. End Zone: make it easy for your guests to identify your recycling trash, label your compost, glass trash, regular trash cans.

9. Touchdown! That's how it feels to host an eco-friendly party!

Remember it does not have to be perfect and absolutely Zero Waste. You've intercepted waste from reaching the landfills and just for that you are a champion!