January 10, 2020

Put your trash can on a diet

Obviously, I am not a designer, but I hope you will get that's a trash can with a tape measure around it on a scale :))
Most of the people I meet would like to reduce the amount of waste their household produces (just for that I love them so much) but they don't know what to start with.
So for a week or two, I invite them to do something that everybody is reluctant to do... dig into their trash cans and make an audit of their waste.
Sounds fun! Want to try?
1. Look your trash in the eye, what's inside those bins (recyclable and non recyclable)?
- food letfovers?
- plastic bottles?
- plastic containers?
- paper towels / wipes?
- bathroom / hygiene products?
- food packaging?
- pizza boxes?
- metal, glass?
The list goes on and on.
2. Talking about list, make one and take notes on the items you see most often. You can even weight the amount of recyclable, non recyclable, compostable waste.
3. Think about the items you can eliminate easily, think about the sustainable alternatives (products available in bulk, reusable containers, refillable bottles, etc...) and set up some goals.
4. Implement some changes and after a week or two re-audit your trash.
This audit is really eye-opening. Being conscious of the things you bring into your home that will eventually end up in your trash can (i.e more likely in the landfills) will change the way you consume for the better
However, like any diet, changes don't happen overnight, changing habits takes time, it's a process. Willing to change is already a big step in the right direction. 
If you are interested in learning more, don't hesitate to register to one of Ekologicall's free class.