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Japanese have used natural and zero-plastic activated charcoal for thousands of years to purify their drinking water. Activated charcoal is made from branches of holm oak trees, sustainably harvested then slowly burned in traditional kiln ovens over many days.

Activated charcoal sticks are very easy to use: put one stick in your water and it immediately starts bonding with toxins, principally metals at the molecular level - lead, mercury, copper, aluminum, uranium, molybdenum - and imparts good minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphates.

How to use:
Place one stick of Kishu To Go in your bottle of water (approximately 16 oz) for 1 hour or one stick of Kishu Regular in approximately 2 quarts of water for 4 hours, and your water is filtered, enjoy!

Kishu Charcoal should be boiled once per month to keep its pores open and replaced after four to six months of use. But don't throw them away yet, your old sticks can be used in the refrigerator to absorb odors or mixed into your garden soil to help improve water absorption.
The sticks and their packaging are 100% compostable.