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Add a touch of elegance to your hair with those beautifully handcrafted hair forks made from recycled brass. 

Classic has a 'u' shape, its simple and a classic.

Crescent, adding to the classic 'u' shaped hair fork with a crescent shape that will show nicely outside of your bun/twist. l

Love Knot will adorn outside of your bun/twist while the crimped prongs that mimic that of a bobbie pin will hold your hair securely when woven through. Great for beginners to the hair fork technique! Comes in 4.5" +love knot - ideal for buns greater than 3" (7.5cm) in diameter

Ripple, the perfect fork really! It has ripples that mimic that of a bobbie pin for a little extra security when woven through your bun/twist. Ideal for short to medium length hair and long if it's of average thickness. One Size, smooth finish 4.5" total length.

Safety Pin is a slim and sleek way to hold your hair up! Short is ideal for half up or thinner hair or buns that are less than 3" in diameter. Long - great for most hair types. Ideal for buns 3" or more in diameter.

Weave the hair fork through your hair to create tension for an all day hold! Available in three different sizes and 2 finishes.



Small Good for shorter and/or light weight hair or half up with various lengths/thickness. Ideal for buns less then 3" in diameter 3.5 inch total length Solid 10 gauge brass (2.6mm)

Medium Most versatile of the three sizes. Ideal for most lengths and textures. Made with heavier gauge brass making it less likely to bend under pressure and 1/2 inch longer. Ideal for buns 3.5" or less in diameter 4 inch total length Solid 8 gauge brass (3.2mm)

Large Great for long and/or thick hair or if you'd like a portion of the fork to show more outside your bun/updo. Made with heavier gauge brass making it less likely to bend under pressure. Ideal for buns 5" or less in diameter. 5.5 inch total length Solid 8 gauge brass (3.2mm)


Please note that brass will naturally darken over time when exposed to air and moisture. Always remove before entering pools and hot tubs. Chlorine may affect the finish. Wipe away oils when not worn. If items get wet, just dry thoroughly. Use a polish cloth to bring back the desired luster.